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Understand Your Purpose

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Meet Thandiwe Folotiya

          My name is Thandiwe Folotiya, and I am a certified Essential Archetypes Mentor. I help people understand what motivates them so that they can make decisions that help them grow into who they really are. Things will feel just right and you will be able to make choices that fit your personality. My approach helps remove doubt about who you are, enabling you to understand who you are and what you want from life (live your Soul Contract).

           My insight and personal experience will help you learn how to use the qualities of your archetypes. You will make decisions based on fulfilling your emotional needs, breaking old patterns that don't serve you and enabling you to feel fulfilled,

accepted and joyful. You will know that you will be allowed

and encouraged to be who you are naturally, and make

decisions that reflect your intuitive knowing of who you are

and what makes you happy.

          Email souljourneymentor@gmailcom for a FREE 30 minute consultation.